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Linsanity Follows Mark Jackson Everywhere, Even To Starbucks

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson was on 95.7 The GAME Tuesday evening discussing the W's recent success and their meeting with the Portland Trailblazers Wednesday night.

Jax was also asked about Jeremy Lin, again, and had nothing but good things to saw about the player he barely met, again. He did have a funny little anecdote about Lin and a local Starbucks though.

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On whether he's happy for Jeremy Lin:

I'm happy for him because at the end of the day we have a point guard in Steph[en] Curry. I was at Starbucks yesterday and a guy asked me about Jeremy Lin and Steph Curry ... I asked him ‘Who's a better player,' and he paused and because he took the pause I just told him ‘Thank you, have a great day, and enjoy your coffee!

Everybody is a critic, even the friggin barista. John Lund even found a little stat to tie Jax to the incomparable Lin:

On Mark Jackson playing at Jeremy Lin's level when he was an NBA player:

John Lund (Host): "Forty-One players since the '85-'86 season have had ... and Jeremy Lin's on this list now ... twenty points, six assists, and fifty percent in four consecutive games ... you're on that list."

Jackson: "You mean I played at Jeremy Lin's level?!"

Greg Papa (Host): (laughter) "See ... it could happen to anybody."

Jackson: "That's the best compliment I ever had!"

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