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Warriors Vs. Suns, Halftime Update: Poor Shooting Leaves W's Trailing 46-43

The Golden State Warriors continued their three game homestand Monday against the surging Phoenix Suns, looking to breaking their current seven-game losing streak against them. But Steve Nash was up to his usual tricks, diming out his teammates left and right while pushing a 46-43 lead into the locker room at halftime.

The Suns were in control for most of the first half, extending their lead to 10 at one point towards the end of the second quarter. The W's shot an abismal 36% from the floor, while the Suns 51% was largely fueled by Nash's 9 first half assists. Marcin Gortat has 12 points and six rebounds as well.

Monta Ellis is struggling mightily from the floor, scoring 5 first half points on 2-12 shooting, starting off the game 0-10. David Lee leads the way so far with 12 points and nine rebounds, while Klay Thompson continues to impress in added minutes, dropping seven points and five minutes in only 9 first half minutes.

Considering the atrocious shooting half the W's had, they should be happy to be only three points behind. They'll have to step it up in the second 24 minutes of play.

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