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Everyday Jobs With Dorell Wright: Warriors Forward Works At Ubisoft For a Day [VIDEO]

When afforded the chance for some free time, many an NBA player enjoys their favorite video game to escape form the burdens and pressures of being a profesional basetball player.

One such player is the Golden State Warriors Dorell Wright, who recently took some time to check out the San Francisco officies of Ubisoft, creators of such video games as Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon, and Just Dance.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

If Dorell wasn't an NBA player he would have loved to have worked in the video game industry, which is another great passion of his. Here, Wright gets a nice tour around the studios, get's a chance to take part in some activities, play some video games, and meet some cool people along the way as well:

Looks like a decent way to spend inside an office, testing and playing video games!

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