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Spike Lee Thanks Mark Jackson For Making Jeremy Lin Available

As you can imagine, the Golden State Warriors are catching a lot of grief right now over cutting loose Jeremy Lin, who is now dominating opponents for the New York Knicks. The Warriors waived Lin on the first day of training camp this season.

Mega-Knicks fan Spike Lee joined the fun on Saturday, according to Warriors Coach Mark Jackson. Jackson told reporters that Lee "thanked" Jackson for making Lin available via text.

Jackson seems only vaguely-amused by the whole ordeal and wants to make it clear that he wasn't the person who cut Lin loose.

"I had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin. I never saw him do a layup. So for the people … stop asking me. He never practiced for us so leave me out of it...We made a player a free agent and it was nothing about believing or not believing in Jeremy Lin. I’m happy for the guy. When a good guys get a win, it’s great for everybody."

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