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Golden State Warriors Draw Highest TV Ratings Since 2007-08 For Lakers Game

The last time the Golden State Warriors were amazingly popular was 2007-08, the year after their incredible upset over the Dallas Mavericks. They got plenty of nice ratings that season as the Bay Area began to reinvest itself in the league. However, Golden State missed the playoffs, and since then they've struggled to gain that widespread attraction as a group.

The interest in seeing Golden State basketball seems to have propped up after an interminable lockout. And of course facing the Los Angeles Lakers couldn't have hurt. Find out how good the ratings were for Golden State-Los Angeles last week.

The Warriors managed to get a 3.45 rating overall, the largest since the Lakers-Warriors broadcast in late March, 2008 (when they got a huge 5.73). It still doesn't come close to matching the old ratings for the Warriors in that season, but it's a positive sign that the Bay Area is interested in them (and Lakers fans too, I guess).

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