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Warriors Show Strong Interest in Dwight Howard

According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Golden State Warriors have become an 'agressive suitor' for current Orlando Magic big man Dwight Howard, even if it mean's bringing him in as a 'rental' for a season.

Here are some of the parameters that Wojonarowski feels must be met if the Magic were to consider shipper Howard to the Bay Area:

For the Magic to become intrigued with package, two things would likely have to appeal to them: rebuilding around young point guard Stephen Curry; and the Warriors' salary-cap space to absorb the three years and $34 million left on Hedo Turkoglu's contract.


Curry's oft-injured right ankle may pose a problem to this sort of deal as the Warriors are likely to try and part with either Curry or Monta Ellis for Howard, though Curry's recovery and progress through these sprains will play a large factor as well.

The Warriors think they can sell Howard on the possible endorsement money 'of a global NBA star in Silicon Valley,' as well making him the lone NBA superstar in the market along with a new Adidas deal to boot. That money would certainly play a factor considering Howard would get about $30 million less over the length of a contract extension if he left this summer for the Bay.

Wojo feels the W's best bet would be with a three-team trade that involved Andrew Bynum and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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