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Stephen Curry Injury Update: 'It's The Worst It's Been'

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry went down for the third time this season with a sprained ankle against the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, and spoke to the media after the game about the condition of his surgically repaired right ankle.

"It’s just another re-aggravation of the same thing that’s been happening. Another frustrating incident I have to deal with it. This is the worst it’s been (pain). I’m sure it has to do with the fact that it’s the third time. It’s hard to say exactly how it will react. I did put weight on it and tried to tape it back up and lace it back up but it started to stiffen up. We’ll have to see how it reacts tomorrow. But it’s just deja vu again for me."

The next step is what to do with Curry now. The ankle seems to be getting sprained more easily after each incident, and may need a significant amount of time to rest and recuperate.

Luckily the W’s added Nate Robinson to the team today, who can help out with some of the scoring that Curry has been bringing. The saddest part is that every time Curry gets hurt, he is playing really well.

Speedy recovery sir.

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