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Golden State Warriors Could Be Signing Nate Robinson

The Golden State Warriors have a great starting guard combination in Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. However, looking at their bench doesn't inspire confidence, as they have the talented but green Klay Thompson and the inexperienced Ishmael Smith and Charles Jenkins running point. So it would make sense for the Warriors to look for a free agent.

Looks like they've found their man. Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group reports.

Warriors are close to signing free agent guard Nate Robinson, multiple sources confirmed.

Robinson could sign as soon as Wednesday and join the team Friday in Los Angeles.

Sam Amick reports the deal would be for one year and $1 million.

Robinson has had trouble fitting into a rotation lately, especially since his trade from the New York Knicks. Although he performed well for the Celtics at times, he fell out of favor last season and was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he was commonly involved in mop-up duty. The Warriors are hoping for a little bit more than that.

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