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Golden State Warriors Blow Big Fourth Quarter Lead, Lose 91-90 To Memphis Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors took a game they had all sewn up, and decided to rip it apart turnover after mind-numbing turnover. The Memphis Grizzlies managed only 52 points in the first three quarters, then ripped off 39 points in the fourth and closed a 16 fourth quarter gap late. Rudy Gay had 23 points, Mike Conley had 20 points and nine assists, Tony Allen had 14 points and eight rebounds and Marc Gasol put up 15 and 11 to fuel the inspired comeback down the stretch.

Golden State has no one to blame but their own shoddy ball-handling, turning over the basketball 24 times a game, including 12 times by their starting guards. Monta Ellis had 20 points and five assists, but also lost the ball seven times. Stephen Curry wasn't much better, with 18 points on 18 shots but also five turnovers to match his five assists. Golden State shot much better (50% to 42%), but gave up seven extra offensive rebounds and had six more turnovers, giving Memphis plenty of easy fast-break baskets to come back and sneak out a big win in Oracle.

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