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NBA All-Star Ballot 2012: Monta Ellis Remains Seventh Amongst Western Conference Guards

As the 2012 NBA All-Star game approaches, the starting lineups for both sides appear to be almost set as five players in both the Western and Eastern conferences have big leads in the fan vote department, while the Golden State Warriors Monta Ellis remains in the hunt amongst Western conference guards.

Bryant's (1,110,379 votes) leads all current vote getters out West, and the only player in conference with over a million votes thus far. Los Angeles Clippers' star Chris Paul comes in a distant second (835,026) for guards behind Kobe, while Kevin Durant (973,152) and Blake Griffin (619,913) are fighting it out for the forward spot. Andrew Bynum (777,365) leads all centers out West followed by DeAndre Jordan.

As for Monta Ellis, looking to become the first Warrior in the All-Star Game since Latrell Sprewell 1997, he remains in seventh amongst guards in the West, garnering only Monta Ellis 105,926 votes.Dwight Howard currently leads with 1,161,797 votes.

Voting continues on through the end of the month.