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Mark Jackson: Merely Warren Braithwaite's "Spiritual Advisor"

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson tried to clear the air regarding his relationship to Warren Braithwaite, one of two alleged drug-traffickers arrested for pushing $8 million dollars worth of marijuana across the U.S.-Mexico border. In a move that seemed to mimic President Barack Obama's distancing from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, known for his controversial views of U.S. racism and colonialism, Jackson claims he is not Braithwaite's "friend" or "coach," but just his "spiritual advisor."


Whether or not Jackson and his Braithwaite are friends or not, does the term "spiritual advisor" connote a different relationship between them than "friend." Or rather, does that necessarily change OUR opinion of Jackson as a person and a professional, knowing that he has connections to alleged criminals? Jackson notes that he will continue to be there for Braithwaite as he deals with these allegations. This we know for sure, Jackson will not say "Mama! There goes that man!" when referring to Braithwaite's current legal troubles.