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Mark Jackson Chants about 'De-Fense,' Rants about Championships at Fan Rally

Even with the NBA lockout under full lock and key the Golden State Warriors still want to engage their fans as best as possible, trying to keep some semblance of excitement alive for the likely shortened if not cancelled 2011-12 season. On Thursday they tried to do just that, holding a fan rally with new head coach Mark Jackson at Oracle Arena, spouting off grandiose claims and perplexing chants to a group of unsuspecting W's fans.

This event was more of a meet-and-greet type get together put on by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber as a way to connect with the people more, something they've done very well with thus far in their tenure with Golden State. Nevertheless, a swimsuit competition with some fireworks and free food isn't the time to be making claims of championship banners. Or is it? Here's the Chronicle's Rusty Simmons:

In his first meeting with Warriors fans, new coach Mark Jackson started an impromptu chant of "De-fense" among a confused audience, which has rarely heard that word while missing the playoffs 16 of the past 17 seasons.

This description gives a good sense of what it was like there, with everyone just kind of looking at one another like "ok, were doing this now?" Jerry West, along with Lacob and Guber were all in attendance, making sure to please the crowds with some sweet talk without a season:

"We're not here to kick tires. We're here to kick butt," said Lacob

Hey I think my pee-wee football coach told me that....

"I watch Warriors games," West said. "They come so close so many times and find a way to lose in the fourth quarter. This franchise just needs a little polishing."

Yea, I think just a little Pledge and a roster overhaul will do the trick.

I applaud the W's efforts to keep the fans involved, and also admire their positive attitude toward the future of the franchise, but when fans become jaded like Warriors fans have, sometimes you have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.