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Golden State Warriors Assistant Coaching Roster Includes Michael Jordan's Understudy

The Warriors coaching and player development staff is complete and its got some pretty good basketball pedigree. Over the last few months, Joe Lacob has been busy adding an new blood into the formerly lifeless Warriors body. The revamped coaching staff includes a short list of accomplished and also inexperience, a mix that could be possibly be part of Lacob's strategy to open his tenure as owner. But one of the Warriors assistant coaches, Pete Myers, may be the most intriguing coach on this roster given his ties to the greatest of all time. and report the full Warriors assistant coach roster and according to, part of Pete Myers claim to fame is that he "replaced Michael Jordan as Chicago's shooting guard when Jordan decided to play baseball instead." 

I don't quite remember whether Myers stepping into Jordan's position was a pressure filled situation for him (Chicago Bulls fans, please chime in) for him. Myer's career is not defined by this moment during his playing days. But I find it intriguing that this marks the second time (in my memory at least) that the Warriors have signed someone who has such ties to Michael Jordan's playing days.

I'm sure we all remember (or choose to forgot) the hype over forward Jason Caffey, whose claim to fame at the time of the mid-season trade was that he played on two Jordan-led championship Bulls team.

Something tells me Myer's tenure with the Warriors won't be so overstated. And Jordan's legacy probably won't cloud fans' expectations of what Myer's can do with players. 

But knowing Myer's history, do you think being that close to Jordan and becoming his eventual replacement will have anything to do with his coaching strategies?