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VIDEO: Chris Mullin Hall Of Fame Tribute

The Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement is a week away and Warriors fans will be proud to see Chris Mullin celebrated among the world's best. Scott Howard-Cooper of cites Chris Mullin's ridiculous work ethic, overcoming his lack of athleticism, as reason for his incredible seasons of efficiency during the prime of his career with the Warriors. More than just one of the greatest shooters of his time, Mullin was incredibly skilled as a passer and ball handler. Plus, he has that awesome Brooklyn, New York accent that over two decades of California life and language couldn't change. 

In preparation for next week's enshrinement, the Golden State Warriors have created two videos showcasing and remembering how incredible Mullin really was.

After watching these videos, I couldn't help but think that Stephen Curry echoes, perhaps not intentionally, Chris Mullin's game. Both players always seem overmatched athletically and physically, but are skilled enough to get their own shots off. Oddly, both of their games seem effortless, even though you know they put in work to get to be as good as they are. I'm not saying Curry is as good as Mullin or will ever be. But there's something intriguing about some stylistic similarities in their games. Maybe it's all the floaters or the off-balanced scoop shots among the trees. Check the vids.