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The House Joe Lacob Built: Nate Bjorkren Named Head Coach Dakota Wizards

There might not be any NBA games played in the near future, but Joe Lacob continues to set the foundation to his new Warriors home in preparation for the day the lockout ends. According to the amazing Scott Schroeder of SB Nation's "Ridiculous Upside," a blog dedicated to all things NBA D-league, Nate Bjorkren is the new head coach of the Dakota Wizards.

There is no stone left unturned and Lacob's regime is beginning to seem like a season's worth of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition judging by how much has changed already. New coaches for the Warriors AND Lacob's recent d-league acquisition? You must be thinking: It's just the d-league, who cares? Well, it's bigger than the d-league.

By itself, the signing of Bjorkren may not seem like a big deal. But in conjunction with his rebuilt front office and the redesigning of the Warriors office space, you can tell that Lacob is a man of detail. For a man to want to redesign his working space of all things, you can bet Lacob did his homework with Bjorkren. Schroeder at "Ridiculous Upside" has his ear to the proverbial streets and strongly believes that this was a sharp move.

And hey, Bjorkren was recently part of the coaching staff that led the Iowa Energy to a d-league championship. Having a coach who knows how to win is major change for the Warriors.