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BET's "How I'm Living": Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Living Lavish

Before VH1's Basketball Wives and before Warriors head coach Mark Jackson was yelling out "hand down man down" for ESPN, he was lighting up the the smaller screens of Black Entertainment Television (otherwise known as BET for short). A regular participant over at the official Golden State Warriors blog, Golden State of Mind, posted some footage of Jackson and wife Desiree Coleman on the BET version of MTV's "Cribs."

From the clip, it looks as if it was shot in the late nineties and a large portion of the clip centers on his wife's singing career. When recounting what kind of person she truly is, Coleman tells the audience that when asked by her label to "sell sex" because of her "great body," she refused. Fellas, does she sound like a keeper?

The rest of the clip shows Coleman and Jackson walking around their lavish home, though there is nothing dramatic like an in-door moat with a rare Loch Ness Monster swimming around in it. Just some big furniture, sports collectibles, and... paintings of himself.