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Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson Kicks It With Alleged Drug Traffickers

Not only that, but Mark Jackson is also tangentially linked to actor Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga. The DEA arrested Warren Braithwaite, a close friend of Jackson, 4 days after Jackson's press conference announcing his decision to leave broadcasting for the promised land of coaching the Warriors (sarcasm). Braithwaite was by Jackson's side at this press conference.


According to on-going investigations, Braithwaite and his co-conspirator Kevin Mucthison have moved 10,000 pounds of marijuana across the U.S.-Mexico border via UPS and Fedex. This comes out to $8 million dollars worth of product. Interestingly, Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga are other names linked to this alleged duo of drug traffickers. This is probably the most star-studded controversy to hit Warriors land since Snoop Dogg and Jessica Alba sat courtside for the "We Believe" playoff run. The idea that a member of the Warriors is somehow linked to Hollywood is definitely some publicity for a team known mostly for it's uniforms and nothing else. I doubt marketing genius and Warriors co-owner Peter Gruber appreciates this kind of product placement.