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Reggie Williams Headed To Spain; Not To Play In The Rain On The Plain

Reggie Williams is headed overseas, joining a growing list of NBA players looking for employment until the lockout subsides. Spain is his destination.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports talked to Williams's agent Ron Shade and learned that Williams agreed to a $1.5 million deal with Caja Laboral of Spanish ACB. The deal has a $1 million buyout if Williams wants to return to the NBA this season. So if the lockout ends and the 2011-12 season is saved, Williams will be headed back to the Golden State Warriors this season.

Ironically, under the rules of the old NBA collective bargaining agreement, the Warriors would have to chip in half a million to buyout his Spain contract. You can guess how Golden State management would probably feel about paying these extra fees. Might want to get used to eating tapas and enjoying 4 am dinners with young Spanish ladies.

Hey, wait a minute, that doesn't sound bad at all. Reggie, wait up!