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Warriors Co-Owner Peter Gruber Improving Stadium Experience

A winning basketball team would ultimately satisfy fans, but getting the Chinese woman-on-a-unicycle-flipping-plastic-bowls-on-her-head-at-half-time might do wonders for fan morale. Peter Gruber, the other co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, is looking to turns Oracle Arena into the entertainment capital of the East Oakland neighborhood Brookfield Village. Gruber tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he's looking to create "legacy fans," which he's done impressively and successfully with other professional sports teams he's owned and worked with. By "legacy fans," he emphasizes he wants to create a system that is being "interested in the audience, not just be interesting to the audience."


Some general things fans can possibly look forward to, "more health-food options," "better ways to entertain the 1,500 or so fans who show up 1 1/2 hours before tip-off," and "polish every crevice of Oracle Arena." Fans may not be excited over gimmicks, but at least these owners are telling the public they care about fans.