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2011 Basketball Hall Of Fame: Chris Mullin An Archive Of 80s Fashion

Chris Mullin's hoops body of work exists as an archive to an NBA past. A history lesson of how basketball used to be played, professionally. Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle recently posted a chronological photo tribute of Mullin's time with the Warriors and it more or less looks like a museum exhibit of fashion. Throwback jerseys and warm-ups, classic Nike high-tops, full on windbreaker sets, and snapback hats defined Mullin's era. If you were born in the nineteen nineties and afterwards, you might think Mullin was a fashion icon by how fashion forward he looks, by today's standards, in these photos. 


Hartlaub's history lesson is worth a look and will make any eighties baby smile as you say "oh damn, i used to wear those, too" or "I remember wearing that to a school dance, making ladies swoon." Oh, and seeing Mullin in hoops action shots is fun, too.