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Reggie Williams Trains Youth In the Golden State Warriors Way

Like fellow teammate Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors restricted free agent Reggie Williams returned home to handle some business. By business, he's playing in the Tri-City Summer League in Richmond, Virginia AND hosting a summer basketball camp titled "Success Is Who I Am Camp." 

Athletes commonly return home in the off-season to mentor youth and teach them the rigorous training needed to get to the next level. Monta Ellis recently returned home to do the same thing. But Williams tells the local news in Richmond, Virginia that he's teaching the exact same drills he utilizes on the regular as an NBA player. By saying that, does Williams mean his camp is all offense and no defense? 

I'm just being facetious. But if I was a parent of one of the youth there, I would be excited about the opportunity that my child would have meeting an NBA player (with regular minutes) as much as I would be nervous that my child is learning from a player who was one of the worst defenders on his team. At least these kids may turn out to be greater shooters like Williams?