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Warriors Hire Former Boston Assistant Darren Erman

The new look of the Golden State Warriors front office is beginning to take shape as the team announced Tuesday the hiring of former Boston assistant Darren Erman. Erman has spent the last four seasons working with Doc Rivers and the Celtics, but took a most unconventional route to becoming an NBA coach. 

As an undergraduate at Emory University Erman was a student-coach for their basketball team before moving on to Northwestern University Law School. He spent a few years practicing law before he had a change of heart, giving up his lawyer salary and began teaching and coaching at New Jersey's St. Anthony's High School under legendary coach Bob Hurley, the subject of Adrian Wojnarowski's book The Miracle of St. Anthony's. 

From there, Erman would coach at Brandeis University for free for a while before being approached by the Celtics Brian Scalabrine to join them as a skills-development coach in Boston. Erman is an incredibly passionate coach, something I'm sure the Warriors were looking for: 

"When I coach, I am very intense," [Erman] says. "When we lose, I am up all night. When we win, I don't appreciate the victory since I am preparing for the next game."    

Welcome to the Bay Mr. Erman.