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2011 NBA Lockout: Wizards Assistant Wes Unseld Jr. Leaving For Golden State

Even as the lockout continues to throw a wrench in the plans of NBA players, NBA teams are still conducting business throught the summer. The latest news coming out of Golden State Warriors camp is that longtime Washington Wizards assistant Wes Unseld Jr. is leaving his position in D.C. to join the new look staff of the W's as an assistant coach to Mark Jackson.

Son of Bullets legend Wes Unseld, Unseld Jr. has been with the Wiz since he graduated from John Hopkins in 1997, working his way up the ranks from an advance scout to an assistant on former coach Eddie Jordan's staff. After Jordan's departure Ed Tapscott kept Unseld Jr. on his staff, as well as Flip Saunders when he took over in 2009.

Unseld Jr. interviewed for an assistant position with the Lakers after his contract expired at the end of June, but decided to take a job on the bench next to Mark Jackson instead along with recently hired assistant Mike Malone

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