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Warriors: Stephen Curry and Ayesha Alexander's Wedding Registry Revealed

With the NBA lockout this summer, Stephen Curry probably has a lot on his mind, such as when he's going to receive his next paycheck. But with all the gifts he's planning on getting off his wedding registry, he and his fiance Ayesha Alexander probably can make do for a while. The July 30th wedding just weeks away,, through some impressive online sleuthing, reveal that Curry and Alexander hope to be the proud owners of some expensive kitchenware. The list is extensive and from that list, you get a sense of their global tastes: white truffle olive oil, a pizza slab, a crepe-making kit, and, best of all, a Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Asian Cooking Cookbook. Maybe from living in the heart of Oakland for two years now, Curry and Alexander have grown to love the treats of Chinatown just down the street? Check out the link and see how you can eat and cook like Curry!