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Monta Ellis Trade Rumors: Reps For Monta Working With Warriors To Get Deal Done?

The NBA trade rumor mill is heating up surrounding Monta Ellis as more and more media outlets are reporting on potential deals. CBS Sports NBA columnist Ken Berger is reporting that representatives for Ellis are working with the Golden State Warriors to try and work out the optimal deal for both sides. As Tim Kawakami tweeted, if this report is true it would indicate Ellis realizes this deal is going to happen in some form, so he might as well get on board and work out something good for himself.

League sources told CBS Sports that the Trail Blazers, Hawks, 76ers, and Bulls were among the teams expressing the most interest in acquiring Ellis. Of course, as is often the case with trade rumors in any sport, there will be dozens of off the wall rumors thrown around before something actually happens (if something actually happens). Before all is said and done, Monta will have been on the verge of being traded to half the league. And that’s just in the next week!