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Mark Jackson Commits To Defense For Golden State Warriors

New Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is really hammering home the new message for his basketball squad: Defense will rule the day. It'll be a big turnaround for a team renowned for its offensive prowess, but Jackson seems committed to this approach.

"If you're going to win at this level, you've got to do it on the denfesive end so we will be a team that takes tremendous pride in defending on one side of the basketball floor. We will rebound the basketball. We'll make it an exciting game. It's going to be a great brand of basketball."

These are bold words. The Warriors were the worst rebounding team in the NBA last season and one of the five worst defensively efficient squads. David Lee and Andris Biedrins didn't even hit double figures in rebounding. Not one Warrior managed two win shares or more. You'd figure a big change in personnel will be needed to get Golden State to where they need to be, because the team in place just won't be enough to lock anyone down. Biedrins is undersized for a center and Lee might be one of the worst post defenders in NBA history. This is not the frontcourt that will produce an NBA top-caliber defense.

Do you think the Warriors can become a better defensive squad next season with the team in place? Or do they need to make moves? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to follow Golden State of Mind for more updates.