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Chad Ford Latest Mock Draft: Kemba Walker To Sacramento Kings, Klay Thompson To Golden State Warriors

Chad Ford released his latest mock draft ($), and it's eerily similar to some earlier predictions. Guard Kemba Walker ended up with the Sacramento Kings with the seventh pick, just as Tom Ziller with SB Nation predicts. Ford believes general manager Geoff Petrie will go with a safe bet to ensure he stays put and his job security remains relatively strong. Ford probably doesn't realize Petrie lives for the unconventional. There's a good shot he ends up going with an unknown this late in an unconventional draft.

As for the Warriors, Klay Thompson of the Washington State Cougars is their guy. Thompson has already been spotted by Jerry West as one of his favorites, and if Golden State is keen on dealing Monta Ellis, this might be the guy to take. Thompson isn't a sure bet to produce at the same level at Ellis, and his defensive abilities are far from certain, but it could provide a step toward the defensive-minded approach the Warriors are now looking to take with new head coach Mark Jackson.