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NBA Draft 2011: Sacramento Kings To Work Out Jimmer Fredette

The Sacramento Kings continue to examine who should they take with their first round pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and there are plenty of options for them to look at. With no clearcut picks beyond the top two, Sacramento will have plenty of options, and they're starting to take a close look at BYU star Jimmer Fredette. Kings executive Jerry Reynolds believes Fredette is shooting up the draft boards based on their workouts, according to Mark Kreidler from The Rise Guys. So it makes sense the acclaimed National Player of the Year (according to many awards) is potentially jumping up to the top ten.

Fredette is a good scorer, and with Tyreke Evans in place, he could certainly come off the bench and be a productive offensive player, helping the Kings to solidify more scoring threats on a team that has only two consistent talents in Evans and Demarcus Cousins. If the Kings opt to go in this direction, look for today's workout to be the tilting point.

Interestingly enough, UConn guard Kemba Walker is currently projected as a future King by SB Nation, and he was originally supposed to workout against Fredette in Sacramento, but he had to reschedule. Did Walker try and avoid facing off with the competition to keep from looking bad? 

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Kings fans, would you draft Jimmer? If not, who? Let us know in the comments!