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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Warriors Workout Marcus Morris, Compares Self To Carmelo Anthony

Marcus Morris seems to be the player with the most current NBA comparables. . . . or so he thinks. Seemingly long on confidence albiet short on arm length, Morris worked out with the Warriors the other day and believes as a small forward, he has some resemblance to Paul Pierce. As a power forward, Morris believes he’s a hybrid of Carmelo Anthony and Antawn Jamison.

In other words, Morris seems to be admitting that as a power forward, he is a scorer that is also a defensive liability. But as a small forward, he is a much better blend of offensive and defensive. I’m still trying to figure out how that basketball logic works. Perhaps Morris is just talking about his offensive skills.

Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area News Group mentions that scouts and analysts see less athletic, but still offensively talent, players such as David West and Al Harrington as better comparables. If the Warriors could get a strong offensive interior presence type like David West in Marcus Morris, that could stretch the Warriors current perimeter-oriented shooting game greatly.