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A Look Back: Mark Jackson on Stephen Curry's NBA Potential

Can he play point guard?

That was the question on everyone's mind regarding Stephen Curry's NBA potential in 2009.  At Davidson, Curry was a volume shooter, who carried the Wildcats scoring-load on a nightly basis.  However, his new head coach Mark Jackson had no doubt at the time that his skills would translate to the league.

From a 2009 ESPN article:

I believe he has an awfully bright future as a point guard in the league because he makes quality decisions and has the ability to flourish in either a movement-based system or a point-guard-dominant system where he would use the pick-and-roll more. That's because of his quickness and amazing ability to shoot.

Jackson made those comments before calling Davidson's game versus Duke in January 2009.  The new Warriors head coach was bold enough to declare Curry an NBA "starting point guard right now" following the ESPN broadcast.


Jackson and Curry are no strangers to each other.  Jackson knew Curry while playing with his father Dell in Toronto during the 2000-01 NBA season.