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Mark Jackson, Warriors Head Coach: Immediate Fan Reaction

Thanks to the power of the Internet, reaction to breaking news comes fast and furious. No longer do fans react after reading the newspaper a day later. Within a few minutes of the announcement that the Golden State Warriors were going to hire Mark Jackson as their new head coach, reaction from the fans at Golden State Of Mind was decidedly mixed. An hour and a half after the news broke, a poll of fan reaction brings sizable votes for everything from expectations of a new championship era to expectations of doom and gloom. Throw in fans that are just happy he’s off television and you’ve got a little bit of everything.

It’s not all that surprising to see such mixed reactions. As previously discussed in this stream, Mark Jackson is a coaching novice with zero years of head coaching experience. He has been mentioned in coaching circles in the past but this is still a significant roll of the dice by the Warriors front office.

Although Jackson has significant playing experience, it remains to be seen how that will translate. The naysayers are likely viewing his lack of experience as incredibly awful, while the more optimistic crowd thinks this will be the second coming of Doc Rivers. Whatever the result, it should be an interesting ride for Ws fans. Jackson’s number has been called, so now we get to find out if he’s ready.