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Dorell Wright The Next DJ Pauly D Or DJ Rony Seikaly?

The NBA playoffs rage on but the Warriors season has ended for quite awhile. With an extended summer vacation possibly happening with rumors over a lockout, NBA players probably need to pick up a side-job. . . .or a hobby at the very least. Warriors starting small forward Dorell Wright apparently is doing both at the same time.

In a recent SLAM Online Q/A, Wright shares that he's picked up djing and hopes to get into clubs. In fact, he's already had some practice:

SLAM: And what about music?

DW: I listen to everything; I don't really have certain music... Techno, house music, rap, R&B, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, all that. I'm trying to be a DJ right now, so you have to keep familiar with everything.

SLAM: So you want to be a dance DJ?

DW: Yeah, go and spin at clubs and parties. That's my goal right now. I'm trying to be better at that. After our last game I went somewhere and they let me play for like 10 minutes. It was pretty cool.

Dorell Wright isn't the first celebrity to try to use his celebrity-hood to break into the djing game, though I'm sure it certainly helps.  He definitely has the "Wright" business sense by having a wide musical palate. But Wright isn't even the first Warrior to try to cross-over into the music scenes.  

Maybe Wright should get some tips from former Warrior center now international nightclub dj Rony Seikaly. First things first Wright, you got to perfect the nightclub djing poses that Seikaly has clearly mastered: body swaying, head bobbing, arm up, and finger pointed in the air. Half the battle of playing the part is looking the part and Seikaly has got that down pat. Check out the vid:

Judging by how hard he is bobbing to his own music, Rony Seikaly is of the djing kind that is over-exuberant about being a dj. As a dj myself, I know a bit about dj posturing in the booth and I've witnessed tons of djs that dance that hard as they dj. Sometimes it is for attention and sometimes its because they really think what they're doing is so awesome that they need to visualize to the crowd as living proof that they are party rockers (even if they aren't and are standing alone in an empty bar). I'm not saying Rony Seikaly is necessarily of this ilk: he clearly has a crowd based off the huge parties he's doing. Heck, he's a producer (based off his professional djing page).

But then again Jersey Shore "star" Dj Pauley D has huge crowds and even his fans that attend his parties know he's a bad dj. 

But with that said, Dj Dorell Wright, you got some learning to do. You gotta get your djing stance "wright"! Use your summer wisely to work on your basketball and djing game!