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Summer School: Warriors Dorell Wright And Other NBA Players Train In LA Semi-Pro League

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Schools out and time for...more school? In what is typically the time when NBA players rest and/or begin their summer training regimens, the NBA lockout on the horizon creates some issues on how players should try to stay in game shape. Apparently, Los Angeles is more than a summer vacation spot, but a destination for semi-pro hoops. Find out where and how Warriors small forward Dorell Wright stays in shape, who he's training with, and where you can possibly catch NBA stars this summer!

Stilleto Jill: Where ESPN Meets Sex and the City reports that the Drew League, a youth league turned invite-only, has become the place to see and be seen in Los Angeles. Why? Well, for starters, NBA stars and up-and-comers have graced the floor and celebrities sit courtside. From the highly stylized video introducing the Drew League, full of slo-mo panning shots of celebrities, hotties, and kids, this is like MTV's Rock-N-Jock basketball game but for the grown-and-known. 

Drew League 2011 - Week 5 from Popeye Jawns on Vimeo.

From the video, you can see Dorell Wright shooting some free throws and it's nice to know that the Warriors (sort of) are represented in something of this kind of coolness factor. Apparently Jeremy Tyler and Klay Thompson are down in Los Angeles training with Wright and Wright has asked Tyler to play on his team. It's nice to see Wright extending a hand to his new teammates, but lets hope none of them get injuries, something that has plagued the Warriors for the last two years.