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VIDEO: Klay Thompson "Loves Zone Defenses", Warriors Fans Will, Too, Now

Zone defense was the Warriors kryptonite anytime opponents shut down Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry's dribble penetration and kicks. Dorell Wright, Monta Ellis, and Stephen Curry were some of the Warriors best outside shooters, but they are also rhythm shooters and the Warriors lived and died by whether they were hot or cold that night.

New Warrior shooting guard Klay Thompson looks like the guy who may help mitigate some of these definitive win or lose nights with his shooting touch. A marksman at Washington State University, Warriors color commentator Jim Barnett sat down with Klay Thompson before the draft to breakdown footage of his game and why Thompson can do his damage without the ball and against zone defenses. In spite of my desire for Kawhi Leonard's defense, this video shows me why Klay Thompson may be the better pick.

We all know from watching Warrior game broadcasts on Comcast Sports Net bay Area that Jim Barnett loves guys that are "smart" players. By smart, Barnett typically refers to fundamentally sound offensive players that know how to read and react defenses instinctively. In going through some of Thompson's college highlights, Barnett pulls up footage showing Thompson killing zone defenses from the outside, which Thompson replies, "I love zone defenses." Finally, Warrior fans will, too.

Just as important are the clips which Barnett talks about Thompson's Reggie Miller impersonation, running halfway across the court and peeling off defenders turning sharp corners around screens. It's a thing of beauty to see him score at ease and to know that this kind of player isn't going to be the one murdering the Warriors several times a year. 

After watching the video, what are your thoughts on Klay Thompson? Did it change your ideas about him?