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Monta Ellis Trade Rumors: Monta's Agent, Jeff Fried, Has Told Management Ellis Wants to be Traded

According to the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey the Golden State Warriors have been told by Monta Ellis’ agent that he wants to be traded.

It was definitely starting to seem that the W’s were just going to hold on to Monta after trade rumors including players like Lamar Odom and Andre Iguodala never really came to fruition. But apparently the winds of change shifted once again late Thursday afternoon as the team is once again giving serious thought to moving him, but only if the offer just knocked their socks off.

Vecsey put in a call to Jeff Fried Thurday evening but the call was never returned. Yet according to Vecesey word has it that Fried has told the W’s front office that Monta definitely wants to be moved.

This could possibly be the beginning of the end of the marriage between Monta and the W’s, especially with two more guards drafted Thursday in Klay Thompson and Charles Jenkins.

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