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VIDEO: True Hoop's Henry Abbott Hangs With Charles Jenkins Before Draft

When we try to get to know someone, it usually helps to know a bit about where they come from and what they've been through. And when it comes to the Golden State Warriors' Charles Jenkins, it's easy to see why his character is so strong and he is so determined to be in the NBA. True Hoop's Henry Abbott got the chance to hang with Jenkins before the draft began Thursday and talked about the things that have shaped him into who he is today.

When Jenkins was in the eighth grade his older brother Kareem was murdered in Brooklyn, something that shook Jenkins to the core and put things into a different perspective for him from at an early age. Jenkins talks about how nothing mattered for a time afterward, eventually getting kicked out of school because he grades were so poor. Jenkins takes Abbot to the 'school that took a chance on him' after his brother passed, and how he turned it all around at Springfield Gardens High School in New York.

Jenkins had a lot to say about how his brother motivates him to make it in the NBA, and I'm sure he'd be nothing but proud of his little brother for his accomplishments.

TrueHoop TV With Charles Jenkins (via ESPN)

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