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2011 NBA Draft Results: Warriors Draft Picks Include Klay Thompson, Charles Jenkins, Jeremy Tyler

Day one of the 2011 NBA Draft is now in the books and the Golden State Warriors have made their picks and then some. Not only did they get their two picks they also bought themselves another, giving them a total of three new Warriors after day one. Let's take a closer look at the trio of youngsters that hopefully can help make this team a winner.

Klay Thompson- SG, Washington State: Not only did this kid set the Pac-10 scoring record in one game last season at WSU, he may also be the eventual replacement for Monta Ellis. When that time may come no one is really sure, but it is a lot more likely that Ellis will be gone sooner than later with Thompson on the team. 

Charles Jenkins- PG- Hofsta University: A great fill-in type guy at the guard position, Jenkins has been compared by some to the Kings' Jimmer Fredette. He, like Thompson, can make it rain from all over the place, and shows serious grit and tenacity on the floor. But how much defense can he play?

Jeremy Tyler- PF- San Diego, CA: One of the biggest indications that the W's want to surround their current team with talent is the acquisition of Tyler. The W's dropped $2 million to buy his rights from the Bobcats, and could pay serious dividends to the team if he produces. He has a bit of a iffy background that paints him as an immature person, but we'll have to wait and see on that.

We'll be here covering the Warriors work in the 2011 NBA Draft. For more detailed discussion, head over to Golden State of Mind for your Warriors discussion.