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2011 NBA Draft Results: Sacramento Kings Take Isaiah Thomas, PG, Washington Huskies

The Sacramento Kings wrapped up the 2011 NBA Draft by taking a player many speculated would drop to them, Washington Huskies point guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas provides the Kings some nice point guard depth now that Beno Udrih is gone, although Sacramento probably needs to find another starting #1 unless they really plan on putting Tyreke Evans back at the point. 

Thomas is certainly undersized, but he has solid speed and has proven he can finish in the paint. He's good at scoring at many spots on the floor. Thomas has also proven that he can adjust and adapt year-by-year, improving from his freshman season to becoming a solid producer (perhaps second best only to Derrick Williams in the conference) in the Pac-10. Thomas could very well become to the Kings what J.J. Barea was to the Dallas Mavericks--a small but speedy guard that flusters other teams off the bench.

Kings fans, do you like the Thomas pick? Let us know in the comments, and further discuss the pick at Sactown Royalty!