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2011 NBA Draft Results: Sacramento Kings Pick UCLA Bruins Forward Tyler Honeycutt

The Sacramento Kings were apparently thoroughly convinced they needed to upgrade at the small forward position, believing that Omri Casspi and Francisco Garcia wouldn't be enough. First they acquired the rights to John Salmons, which gives them a legitimate starter at the three (whether Kings fans like him or not). And now, UCLA forward Tyler Honeycutt is headed up the I-5 to NorCal. 

Honeycutt definitely possesses many physical skills, but he was a mercurial player with the Bruins. There were times where he looked like the best player on the court, and there were times where he totally disappeared on the court. His effort was uneven, and he's a bit slight in size. 

This logjam at the three position means that it's likely either Casspi or Garcia could be on their way out, or Sacramento might be dealing Salmons soon. Don't expect Sacramento to still have a small forward glut when training camp begins (whenever it begins).

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