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2011 NBA Draft: With Klay Thompson a Warrior, Where Does That Leave Monta Ellis?

The offseason for the Golden State Warriors has been all about change, and now that they have chosen Washington State's Klay Thompson with their first round draft pick, more change could be in the works with Monta Ellis. He isn't part of a draft day trade (yet) but with the addition of another talented guard to the team it is still likely that Monta may be moved to fill other holes in the Warriors roster.

Monta has been with the W's since 2005 now, and they haven't had much success with the team aside for the "we believe" squad of 2006-07.  Bringing in guys like Jerry West, Mark Jackson and Bob Meyers shows that owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are serious about winning and are willing to make big moves to do so, not excluding moving the best offensive player they have.

Klay Thompson is a bigger guard who plays great defense compared to Monta, something the team desperately needs at the guard position.  He is a superb distributor on the floor who is smart enough to play within himself and not try to do too much. He might not be as good at getting to the rim as Monta, but will mesh better on the floor with Steph Curry in their backcourt in my opinion.

Monta could bring the Warriors some size via a trade, or even better, maybe even a legit big man like Andrew Bynum.  You never quite know what the Warriors brain trust is thinking but one thing is for sure, this team is about winning now, and doing whatever it takes to make the W's better. 

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