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2011 NBA Draft: Warriors Get Jerry West's Guy, Klay Thompson

Looks like the Warriors are listening to their new consultant Jerry West. By snagging Klay Thompson, the Warriors have gotten the player that many analysts and scouts consider to be the best shooter in the draft. Based on, it looks like they’re putting the ball in Stephen Curry’s hands and having great supporting players around him that compliment Curry’s skills:

A go-to scorer at the college level who uses a good number of possessions, the biggest initial question for Thompson is how big of a transition he’ll have to make in the NBA. The good news is that unlike many high-scoring college players, he isn’t really a dominant ball-handler and already is used in multiple situations operating off the ball.

Relying heavily on his perimeter shot (308 jump shots compared to 123 shots around the basket in the half court this season according to Synergy), Thompson is constantly moving without the ball and coming around screens, showing a great knack for finding open areas of the floor and being multi-capable once the ball gets in his hands. Making quick decisions and showing good scoring instincts, Thompson doesn’t usually have the ball for that long before it leaves his hands.

With all the questions this past season over who should handle the ball, Monta Ellis or Curry, this information about Thompson seems to show the Warriors trying a more calculated strategy of finding players that don’t need the ball to be effective. Both Curry and Ellis struggled when they weren’t fully involved and Thompson looks like a player that can compliment Curry or Ellis’ dribble penetration.

Having that ability to move and get open off screens will take pressure off Curry and Ellis as well. But then again, last time the Warriors wanted someone of this skill, they drafted Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Lets hope he’s not Mike Dunleavy Jr.