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2011 NBA Draft Drinking Game: Keeping it Loose During the Draft

Sometimes watching an event like the 2011 NBA Draft on television can be a bit monotonous, that's why things like adding a drinking game to it can only make it exponentially better. Jay Bilas already mentioned it during the ESPN broadcast, and now you too can be part of the fun! Make the jump to learn all the rules, and as always, SB Nation Bay Area reminds you to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive...and here we go...


Anytime a player's "up-side" or "potential" is mentioned: 

Keg stand (because you're UP-SIDE down) until you POTENTIALLY vomit.

When a player's referred to as "long": 
The youngest person in the room will take the longest drink he/she can. The next time it happens (and it will) the next oldest person needs to beat that time.

Anytime a player is referred to as a "gamer": 
Instant game of speed quarters

Every time the name "Bismack Biyombo" is said on-air: 
Waterfall- because of all of the Water that falls in his country (highest frequency of thunderstorms in the world)

Anytime it is debated whether Jimmer will be a successful pro:
Have the most sober person in the room read the BYU honor code while the others in the room shotgun a Busch Light

If Stuart Scott tries to say something "hood": 
Pour out a 40

If you try to follow these rules  to a T, you'll likely be blacked out before the 25th pick is made, and will need lots of 40's for Stuart Scott's hoodness and a keg or two when these guys talk about 'potential' and 'upside' all night long. Feel free it mix it up and add or subtract  things of your own, one thing I'd like to add is everyone chugs for 10 seconds when Jeff Van Gundy tries to crack an obviously not funny joke. 

Follow along with us at SB Nation Bay Area in our draft storystream for all the breaking news, rumors, and analysis of the 2011 NBA Draft regarding the Bay Area.