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2011 NBA Draft: Kings Take Jimmer Fredette at #10, Warriors Take Klay Thompson #11?

The proposed 3-team trade between Kings, Bucks and Bobcats raises some interesting questions about who the Kings will pick and how this affects the Warriors. Chad Ford, via Twitter, tells us that the Kings, at the new #10 slot, are leaning heavily towards Jimmer Fredette to fill their point guard position. If this is the case, Warriors Beat Writer Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area Sports Groupbelieves that this means that Klay Thompson is more in play than ever.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what is necessarily going to happen. Marcus Thompson II Tweets that the Bobcats are not moving up to the #7 pick, formerly of the Kings, for Marcus Morris.

All this really seems to mean little as far as who the Warriors will most likely pick at #11 given that the players and pieces between 3-10 are interchangeable. Everyone seems to want Klay Thompson and Marcus Morris since they seem to be the most “NBA ready” given their skill sets that can immediately transfer (Thompson’s shooting and Morris’ defense and rebounding) to the NBA.

My guess is that Michael Jordan is about to making a huge blunder, which he thinks will be a hit for the marketing purposes, by trying to take BOTH Morris brothers with his picks. Did he not learn from the Adam Morrison debacle to start this career with the Bobcats?