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2011 NBA Draft Rumors: Kings Have Reportedly Traded Seventh Pick In Three-Way Deal With Bucks, Bobcats

The 2011 NBA Draft is less than three hours away and word out of the Twitterverse is that the Kings have made a trade that includes the seventh overall pick, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Charlotte Bobcats. In reviewing what Chad Ford and Adrian Wojnarowski have to say, there is still a little bit of confusion about the moving parts in this deal. According to Ford, the deal would be as follows:

Sacramento Kings
No. 10 pick
John Salmons

Milwaukee Bucks
No. 19 pick
Beno Udrih
Stephen Jackson
Shaun Livingston

Charlotte Bobcats
No. 7 pick
Corey Maggette

Even as I'm typing this, Wojanrowski is not sure about the inclusion of Salmons in the trade. At this point it's safe to say a deal has gone down, but now it's just a matter of getting all the names and pieces that are involved in this move. A quick look at Sactown Royalty responses to the trade are a combination of dismay, shock, and downright rage. We'll keep an eye on this developing story as it would shake up the top of the draft.

We'll be here covering the Kings work in the 2011 NBA Draft. For more detailed discussion, head over to Sactown Royalty for your Kings discussion.