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2011 NBA Draft: Kings Fully Prepared To Trade No. 7 Pick?

The 2011 NBA Draft is only a few hours away and word out of Sacramento is that the Kings are fully expecting to trade their seventh overall pick before they make a selection. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted as much and naturally that has Kings fans all atwitter. The rumors will range from Tony Parker to Andre Iguodala to trading up to get Brandon Knight. And those are just rumors that have bubbled to the surface.

The Kings are in a position where they have a valuable commodity in the seventh pick and they have holes that need to be filled. With three total draft picks they could find some intriguing talents throughout the draft. However, adding a veteran presence could help the team take a sizable next step sooner rather than later. They'll have difficulty landing free agents given the extremely tenuous nature of the franchise's financial and relocation situation. That would mean draft picks and trading are their two best options.

While numerous trade rumors will float out around most teams in the draft, it's safe to say the Kings will be as prominent as any other team in these rumors.  Through all this, we'll be here covering the Kings work in the 2011 NBA Draft. For more detailed discussion, head over to Sactown Royalty for your Kings discussion.