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2011 NBA Draft: Kirk Lacob Says Warriors Take Best Player Available

Over the years the Warriors tend to draft to fill a need. But given how poorly the Warriors have played lately, they have a ton of needs, which is probably why there are no clear prospects besides the rumored Klay Thompson that Jerry West allegedly loves so much. Kirk Lacob, the twenty-two year old son of owner Joe Lacob and Director of Basketball Operations for the Warriors, notes that the Warriors wil take the best player available :

“Our draft strategy is that we need to accumulate talent,” he said. “We’re not a good enough team yet, that we need a missing piece. We just need talent, so we’re going to take the guy that is the best player available.”

Not a bad idea given the epic failures in the last 15 years or so of drafting to fill a need (post-Sprewell quality character guy in Todd Fuller and many other failed big men for rebounding and defensive purposes). Drafting the best player available or for need is an on-going conundrum year-to-year around draft time for all teams. But taking a look at teams like the Portland Trailblazers, who seem to have endless barrage of quality swingmen, shows the value of stockpiling talent and how they can be used for leverage in the future.

Perhaps the Warriors are trying to mimic the Portland Trailblazers? If so, who would be the best player available? Jeremy Tyler anyone?