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2011 NBA Draft: Golden State Warriors Biggest Question Has To Be Monta Ellis

The 2011 NBA Draft is less than seven hours away, which means teams are probably feverishly working the phones in hopes of making that deadline deal. The likely NBA Lockout will put a freeze on transactions and whatever subsequent CBA the two sides "agree" on, the business of basketball could see some drastic changes. That could mean more deals because teams are concerned they might not be able to unload certain players after the draft. It could also mean less deals as teams practically freeze out of concern.

The folks at Golden State of Mind put together a rundown of the top five questions facing the Golden State Warriors as the draft approaches. It should surprise nobody that the top question is whether the Warriors will trade Monta Ellis on draft day. Mark Jackson seems to like Ellis, but ownership might be looking to make another splash. Do they build around Stephen Curry or can they make this two-headed offensive backcourt work?

The Warriors do have plenty of questions surrounding the team as they enter Thursday's draft, but Ellis is easily the biggest. It could all end up just being talk and he sticks around Oakland for another year. It would not surprise me at all if that was the end result. However, Warriors fans will be waiting and wondering all evening long.

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