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2011 NBA Draft: Complete First Round Draft Order

Draft day is officially here as the 2011 NBA Draft gets underway at 4:30pm pacific on ESPN and via live online stream at The top of this year's draft board features the Cleveland Cavaliers holding the first and fourth pick as they hit it big in winning the draft lottery. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the most ping-pong balls but they came up short and hold the second pick of the draft.

The Bay Area could see a very busy day as the Sacramento Kings hold the seventh overall pick and the Golden State Warriors hold the eleventh overall pick. The Kings hold three picks in the draft and the Warriors hold two but things could get particularly interesting for both teams if they decide to do some dealing. Maybe Tony Parker will be coming to Sacramento. Maybe Monta Ellis will be on his way out the door in Oakland. It should make for an exciting night.

For now, here's a rundown of the entire first round draft order. In addition, the Warriors hold the 44th pick in the second round and the Kings hold the 35th and 60th picks in the second round. Make sure and check back in our 2011 NBA Draft story stream for updates on the Warriors and Kings as they build for the future. And don't forget to swing by Golden State of Mind and Sactown Royalty for more in depth discussion on each team.

2011 NBA Draft Order
1. Cleveland Cavaliers (from LA Clippers)
2. Minnesota Timberwolves
3. Utah Jazz (from New Jersey)
4. Cleveland Cavaliers
5. Toronto Raptors
6. Washington Wizards
8. Detroit Pistons
9. Charlotte Bobcats
10. Milwaukee Bucks
12. Utah Jazz
13. Phoenix Suns
14. Houston Rockets
15. Indiana Pacers
16. Philadelphia 76ers
17. New York Knicks
18. Washington Wizards (from Atlanta)
19. Charlotte Bobcats (from New Orleans via Portland)
20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis via Utah)
21. Portland Trailbazers
22. Denver Nuggets
23. Houston Rockets (from Orlando via Phoenix)
24. Oklahoma City Thunder
25. Boston Celtics
26. Dallas Mavericks
27. New Jersey Nets (from LA Lakers)
28. Chicago Bulls (from Miami via Toronto)
29. San Antonio Spurs
30. Chicago Bulls