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2011 NBA Draft: Stephen Curry Wants Marcus Morris

Perhaps Marcus Morris’ recent talk about him and his brother’s talents (versus others) is actually working as far as improving their draft position. In recent weeks, mock drafts show the Morris twins, not just Marcus, moving up into the top 10. Some analysts peg Marcus going to Charlotte at #9.

Stephen Curry, when asked by ESPN Magazine about who the Warriors should draft with the #11 pick, suggested Marcus Morris and here’s why he thinks Marcus is a good fit (via Yardbarker via

“A guy who plays hard, can shoot a 15- to 20-footer off pick-and-rolls and rebounds well can play for any team. We need workhorses like that.”

There’s no guarantee that Marcus or Markieff will be available for the Warriors, though both possess some of what the Warriors need, namely toughness and defense. Marcus is allegedly the all-around player that the Warriors could use in their frontline.

With all the talk abou Jerry West having his eye on Klay Thompson and other teams interested in his shooting, is Marcus or Markieff the way to go if Thompson isn’t available? Could either of them mesh with Stephen Curry the way Curry is talking about? If the Morris twins are gone, who should the Warriors snag instead?