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Tony Parker Trade Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Want Sacramento Kings Forward Omri Casspi

Well, sources are starting to leak what they're hearing on the Tony Parker trade front, at least regarding what they want from the Sacramento Kings other than the seventh pick. It looks like they might have to part with their promising but still developing young small forward, Omri Casspi.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports that Spurs general manager R.C. Buford has a fondness for Casspi, and he wants to include him in any forthcoming deal. This could be a move to help make sure the coaching staff saves their skins, because they are flirting with pink slips day after day in Sac-town and need to win now.

While getting Parker sounds fairly nice for the Kings, this would be a peculiar trade, because the Kings have an obvious trouble spot at the three...and would now be left with the often injured Francisco Garcia and the always erratic Donte Greene to man those minutes. Parker is good, but at 29 with a decade under his belt, this move seems a little hasty. Sacramento better beware giving up Casspi for Parker. Casspi's best years are in front of him, and Parker's are likely behind him.

Kings fans, would you give up Casspi and the 7th pick to get Parker? Spurs fans, would you be happy with such a trade? Sound off in the comments.

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